Simply stated, we are a group of friends. Most of us worked together at a local Chicago ISP, WorldWide Access, between 1995 and 1998, when it was purchased by Verio. Some of us left soon thereafter. Some of us hung on for a time. Some of us still work there. Some of us are friends, lovers and spouses of the others.We all became friends. We all became close. And now that our former employer is gone, we remain that way.

We like to get together at least once a week, usually on Wednesday evenings. We share stories, beers, complaints and jokes. Sometimes a good idea even comes along. Oftentimes we sober up and realize just how wrong that idea was.

A few months ago we actually gave our little circle a name, and in accordance with the principle of Internet contribution -- namely that nothing on the Internet is nearly as [good|witty|clever|smart|sexy|elite] as what you put on the Internet -- we're building a site. This is that site.


Afterthoughts : Thoughts, opinions, whims and fancies that have caught our collective attention from time to time