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We're all from, at some point in our lives, Chicago, Illinois, USA -- although temper really wants us to be from New York City. This is the way it happened. WWA/Verio's offices are in the Civic Opera Building in the Chicago Loop. Most of us continue to live and work in Chicago, proper. Some of us live and work in the nearby suburbs. The Loop remains our focus.



We have two major hangouts: Kasey's Tavern and the Sky-Ride Cocktail Lounge.

Kasey's Tavern
701 S Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 427-7992

Sky-Ride Cocktail Lounge
105 W Van Buren St
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 939-3340

Other notable hangouts are included on the aftermap, as well. These include:
  • Billy Goat Tavern II
  • Billy Goat Tavern III
  • Monk's Pub
  • Big Herm's


We had two major offices: the WWA offices at the Civic Opera Building and the WorldCom collocation facility at 2 Prudential Plaza.

Civic Opera Building
20 N. Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60606

2 Prudential Plaza
180 N Stetson Ave
 Chicago, IL 60601